About Us

Westinghouse has brought the best to life since way back in 1886 when the journey began.

The products we make, power we create and the many people we help are all testament to the philosophy.

Today, our technology is transforming the human experience, from clean and safe energy solutions to smart appliances around the home – the legacy continues.

1846         George Westinghouse is born – Central Bridge, New York
1865         Rotary steam engine patented
1881         Life-saving railroad block signal perfected
1886         Commercial AC power generating station in Great Barrington, Massachusetts
1886         Westinghouse Electric founded by George Westinghouse
1900         U.S. public utility steam generator
1905         Main-line AC-powered locomotive
1909         Continuous-filament tungsten light bulb
1917         All-electric kitchen range
1919         U.S.-made diesel electric marine propulsion plant
1921         Radio receivers factory-built  for home use
1923         International short-wave radio broadcast
1928         Television camera tube, the Iconoscope
1933         World’s fastest elevators built for New York’s Rockefeller Center
1937         Industrial atom-smasher
1939         Long-range warning ground radar built
1941         Generators produce power at Grand Coulee Dam
1946         Electric clothes dryer
1947         All-weather airport approach lighting
1950         Temperature-controlled portable grill
1962         Computer-controlled teletype network
1968         “Instant-On” Television
1969         Westinghouse cameras relay moon walk to viewers on Earth
1975         High-pressure sodium roadway lighting fixtures
1977         Airborne surveillance radar system
1986         Tunable, solid-state emissions analyzer to detect gases for combustion and pollution control
1994         501G gas turbine introduced, the largest and most efficient of its type in the world
2001         Energy Star™ light bulbs, lighting fixtures and ceiling fans
2002         Eye Saver™ light bulb
2005         Consumer LCD TV 1080p monitor
2009         Slim, eco and vivid LED TV’s
2011         Heavy Duty Generators for home or work
                 Residential and commercial solar power systems
2012         4K 110″ Ultra High-Definition TV
2013         Portable WH2000i Digital Inverter Generator
2014         Digital LED-based 4k Interactive Whiteboards