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Westinghouse Cookware Set Four Piece Stainless Steel

Westinghouse Cookware Set Four Piece Stainless Steel


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Delight in every dish you create with this Westinghouse cookware set of 4 stainless steel pieces. Their impact-bonded base ensures even cooking while their heavy-duty riveted handles make them easy to carry. Compatible with most cooking surfaces, the set includes a frypan, saucepan, and two casserole pots with tempered glass lids and steam vents. Enjoy your cooking journey!

Key Features

Stainless steel pot and pan set.
Impact bonding base.
Heavy duty riveted handles.
Suitable for use on most cooking surfaces.
Tempered glass lids with steam vents.

WH4P02SS Dimensions

Frypan - 24cm x 6cm
Saucepan and Lid - 18cm x 7.5cm
Medium Casserole Pot and Lid - 20cm x 11cm
Large Casserole Pot and Lid - 24cm x 11.5cm

What's in the Box

Pack Includes:
One Frypan
One Saucepan and Lid
Two Casserole Pots and Lids
Instruction Manual
Warranty and Care Documentation

Product Documentation

WH4P02SS User Manual
WH4P02SS Spec Sheet
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