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Westinghouse Sous Vide 1200W Digital

Westinghouse Sous Vide 1200W Digital


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The Westinghouse Sous Vide 1200W Digital offers precision temperature control with its 25-95 degree range, countdown timer up to 99 hours, and stainless steel heating coil. The intuitive interface and waterproof IPX7 rating make it easy to use and durable. A convenient Pot Clip also prevents splashing and spills. Get the perfect meal every time with the Westinghouse Sous Vide.




Sous Vide is a style of cooking in which food is sealed in a
watertight pouch and placed into a water bath to be cooked
slowly at precise temperatures. Sealing the food helps maintain
allows even, perfect results every time. Top restaurants around
the world use this technique to ensure the highest quality and
consistency for every dish. Now you can prepare restaurant
quality dishes in the convenience of your own home.


Key Features

25-95 degree temperature range.
Countdown timer up to 99 hours.
Easy to use interface.
Stainless steel heating coil.
IPX7 rated (waterproof).
Easy release Pot Clip

WHSV01K Dimensions

9(W) x 15(D) x 40(H)cm

What's in the Box

Instruction Manual
Warranty and Care Documentation

Product Documentation

WHSV01K User Manual
WHSV01K Spec Sheet
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